Edinburgh is a beauty that knows how to party. With World Heritage Site status bestowed on much of its city centre, this veritable treasure trove of history and culture should be eagerly explored. From Old Town’s medieval alleyways and gothic tales, to New Town’s masterpieces of neo classical style that rest beneath the majesty of Arthur’s Seat. A Scot might say, “It’s canny, ay.”

Steeped in history

Hillside Crescent was part of architect, William H Playfair’s vision for the Eastern New Town. His design considered the contours of the land, accentuating the natural rise of the slope by curving around it and radiating from it. Construction began in 1825 and was completed in the 1880s.


Aside from the world famous landmarks, you’re within a stones throw of some outstanding local amenities. Turn right out the door and head to Eln Row, you’ll discover the popular Valvona & Crolla delicatessen, Vittoria on the Walk restaurant and Joseph Pierce’s bar. If it’s an evening’s entertainment you’re after, look no further than Edinburgh Playhouse and Omni Centre.


We’ve mentioned Edinburgh Playhouse across the way, but if this city does anything better than anywhere else, it’s culture. If you’re stay lands between 3 and 27 August, need we say more than Edinburgh Fringe Festival? We don’t think so. If not, what about the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle, Real Mary King’s Close, and Sandy Bell’s bar, to name but a few.

Top Hat Top Ten

We’ve put together a list of our personal favorites, a truly local top ten guide to the city! Enjoy!